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  1. :The color is mostly due to bilirubin and biliverdin.
  2. In order to fluoresce, IFPs require an exogenous chromophore, biliverdin.
  3. BVR works with the biliverdin / bilirubin redox cycle.
  4. There are currently no practical implications for using biliverdin in the treatment of any disease.
  5. This cycle allows for the neutralization of ROS, and the reuse of biliverdin products.
  6. The heme constituent of hemoglobin are broken down into iron ( Fe 3 + ) and biliverdin.
  7. :: : : : In addition to bilirubin, bile also contains biliverdin that imparts colour.
  8. This fish has green blood plasma, the color caused by biliverdin tightly bound in protein complexes.
  9. Skinks in the genus " Prasinohaema " have green blood due to a buildup of the waste product biliverdin.
  10. The next step is the reduction of biliverdin to a yellow color tetrapyrol pigment called bilirubin by cytosolic enzyme biliverdin reductase.

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