bighorn river meaning in Hindi

bighorn river sentence in Hindi
बिगहॉर्न नदी
bighorn:    बिगहॉर्न
river:    दरिया नदी
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  1. The headgate structure diverted water from the Bighorn River to their lands.
  2. Little Bighorn River ran through the center of the Crow domain.
  3. It is located along the Bighorn River where it exits from Bighorn Canyon.
  4. The Little Bighorn River joins the Bighorn near the town of Hardin, Montana.
  5. The Wind River becomes the Bighorn River north of the mountains.
  6. Approximately fifty miles farther downriver, the Bighorn River ends where it joins the Yellowstone.
  7. East of Billings, it is joined by the Bighorn River.
  8. The Bighorn River, a top-notch trout stream, runs through town.
  9. It includes Bighorn Lake, a reservoir damming the Bighorn River.
  10. Little Bighorn River ( proposed diversion project ), Wyoming.
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