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  1. ASU was ranked 14th in speech pathology and 18th in audiology.
  2. Tele-audiology ( hearing assessments ) is a growing application.
  3. Applied anatomy & physiology for speech-language pathology & audiology.
  4. The report appears in the current issue of Audiology Today.
  5. Major VA medical facilities provide complete diagnostic and audiology services.
  6. Since that historic event the interest in tele-audiology increased significantly.
  7. In audiology, tympanometry is sometimes called " immittance testing ".
  8. NOAC is a nationally recognized graduate audiology program due to its unique collaborative nature.
  9. The NOAC program and faculty have been nationally recognized within the profession of audiology.
  10. She served as the program chair for the International Audiology Congress on two occasions.


  1. the measurement of hearing

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