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सूक्ष्म देह
सूक्ष्म शरीर
astral:    नक्षत्रीय तारकीय
body:    द्रव्यमान समूह
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  1. In the hospital, they find Billy's astral body near Billy's comatose body.
  2. Moss came to believe that Kirlian photography depicts the astral body.
  3. The emotional body pertains to the physical universe, the astral body to the astral world.
  4. To this extent, then, the " astral body " is a reification of the dream-world self.
  5. His father refers to it as " Astral Body M8 . " The Sagittarius, not Scorpius.
  6. Barbara Brennan's " Hands of Light " distinguishes between the emotional body and the astral body.
  7. The term " Astral body " was, it is said, employed by the mediaeval ancient philosophies.
  8. It was even powerful enough to wound the astral body of the dark lord Ruby Eye Shabranigdo.
  9. Buffy finds Billy's astral body, and then they are both found by the man who assaulted Laura.
  10. Becoming human means to have a soul, a Solar Astral Body, Solar Mental Body and Solar Causal Body.
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