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  1. Ground zero for astral travelers is the dusty hamlet of Rachel.
  2. In a message from the " Astral Plane,"
  3. The idea that astral radiation caused mass extinctions is nothing new.
  4. Astral Asia in joint venture to make concrete products, BUSINESS TIMES
  5. Van Morrison, " Astral Weeks " ( 1968)
  6. She later tried to perform astral projection to commune with him.
  7. However, the company's official name remained Astral Media.
  8. He pulled the Professor's body from the astral plane.
  9. Rogers moved with his young family to the Astral Oil Refinery.
  10. The Astral Plane permeates and connects the rest of the Multiverse.
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  1. being or relating to or resembling or emanating from stars; "an astral body"; "stellar light"

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