armored combat vehicle meaning in Hindi

armored combat vehicle sentence in Hindi
armored:    बख्तरबंद आर्मर्ड
combat:    भिड़न्त युद्ध
vehicle:    गाड़ी डोली पालकी
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  1. Armored combat vehicles served as ambulances, ferrying the wounded to the hospital.
  2. He got the idea of developing a high-speed armored combat vehicle.
  3. The Russians were equipped with tanks, armored combat vehicles, artillery and attack helicopters.
  4. The police operation, involving armored combat vehicles and detachments of special commandos, continued throughout the day.
  5. The most significant cut is in armored combat vehicles, which will be slashed to 241 from 481.
  6. Turkey also might sell military equipment to the Bosnian army, possibly Turkish-made armored combat vehicles.
  7. The 1990 agreement on Conventional Forces in Europe puts a ceiling of 580 armored combat vehicles in the region.
  8. Nearly 5, 000 armored combat vehicles have been scrapped by the West and 8, 900 by the East.
  9. BMPs are armored combat vehicles on treads, mounted with guns and capable of carrying at least a dozen people.
  10. The Yugoslav forces are believed to have 200 to 300 tanks, as well as armored combat vehicles and artillery pieces.
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