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  1. With the facility of information technology using in corporations , the iron & steel corporations speed up their cims construct . this system is the second part in cims of chongqing middle armor - plate corporation
  2. It is the branch where armor - plates are made . it is an very important part . in order to satisfy the real - time monitor on production pipeline and to control the situation visually , the corporation need to supervise the main producing process by multi - media tech
  3. On the basis of the search of production locale , recently , the accidents of roller fraction often happen in steel rolling middle armor - plated plant , which not only brings large economic loss to itself , but also brings large influence to production . and its general loss can be much larger
  4. Therefore , this paper makes an attempt to progress techno - alteration on middle armor - plated system and applies virtual instrument technology to industry scale . on its primary basis , we add some hardware , design its realtime protecting system and apply blur muster theory and data - amalgamation method
  5. He loved green turtles and hawk - bills with their elegance and speed and their great value and he had a friendly contempt for the huge , stupid loggerheads , yellow in their armor - plating , strange in their love - making , and happily eating the portuguese men - of - war with their eyes shut


  1. covered with heavy steel; "armor-plated vehicles"
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