armlet meaning in Hindi

armlet sentence in Hindi
• बाजूबंध
• भुजबंध
• शुद्रांश
• बाजूबंद
• समुद्र की शाखा
• भुजबंद

• केयूर
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  1. Kriemhild discovers Brunhild's armlet and asks Siegfried about it.
  2. They look like swords, hoes, horns and armlets.
  3. The body of broad collar and with armlets and anklets.
  4. Sri Lankan history notes that brides wore armlets to ward off ill luck.
  5. It has its own armlets : Smolenka and Zhdanovka.
  6. Two bronze armlets were also found at the site.
  7. There are three broad collars, armlets and anklets and several bead necklaces.
  8. Horn spoons and needles without eyes and even a broken lignite armlet were found.
  9. These burials included pottery urns, a pair of silver discs and a gold armlet.
  10. He wears anklets, armlets and bracelets.
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  1. a band worn around the arm for decoration

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