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• संधि
• थोड़े दिनों की युद्ध निवृत्ति
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  1. Donald Douglas founded his in 1920, just after the Armistice.
  2. French and Belgium markets were closed for the Armistice Day holiday.
  3. But neither side had any idea how to reach an armistice.
  4. The telegram announcing his death reached his parents on Armistice Day.
  5. An armistice ended the Korean War more than 40 years ago.
  6. We take very seriously this challenge to the Military Armistice Commission,
  7. North Korea withdrew its delegation from the armistice commission last year.
  8. China is a signatory to the armistice that ended the war.
  9. The Korean War ended with an armistice but no peace treaty.
  10. The command oversees the Korean armistice that ended the Korean conflict.
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