armless meaning in Hindi

armless sentence in Hindi
• निःशस्त्र
• लूला
• जिसका हाथ न हो
• भुजाहीन
• हाथहीन
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  1. He played the role of Arthur Stoss, an armless virtuoso.
  2. Armless but never'armless, if you take my meaning!
  3. Armless but never'armless, if you take my meaning!
  4. The armless General Onward is killed when attempting to stop them.
  5. Rip Yeung said he designed the armless dress to highlight his fears.
  6. Armless slipper chairs are creeping back into master bedrooms.
  7. The handicapped included legless and armless indigent people, many from rural Haiti.
  8. Since Alonzo is believed to be armless, he is not a suspect.
  9. Then he skims a stone at a statue, leaving behind an armless Venus.
  10. The armless chair and ottoman form a comfortable S-curve when pushed together.
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  1. having no arms; "the armless Venus de Milo"

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