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• तार्किकता
• झगड़ालु प्रवृत्ति
• विवादप्रियता
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  1. In Kean Siew this had harmful effects : stammering, a defensive attitude, and argumentativeness.
  2. However, I do not find that such argumentativeness is the source of Blackburne's action.
  3. A third attempt would clearly demonstrate Wikipedia administrator hostility, petty tyrrany, and argumentativeness rather than merit.
  4. I also note with disappointment his tendancy to argumentativeness unaccompanied by an inclination to edit except to undo and censure.
  5. And like John McEnroe, whose argumentativeness on the tennis court became his trademark, Hernandez has been a spectacular success.
  6. :Patterns of contribs for User Wikiroyals doesn't match single-issue focus and argumentativeness of Howe's known socks.
  7. JPS Canvasses to try and get some same thinking people to edit on his behalf and he calls my noting of it " Ongoing argumentativeness?
  8. Focus on pro wrestling, voting delete in all the pro wrestling related AfDs, edit warring, and general argumentativeness ( especially with GaryColemanFan ).
  9. Berg reported problems in the marriage that were painful for her, among them her husband's frequent absences, his bossiness, argumentativeness and emotional remoteness.
  10. His complaint here is actually an escalation of his argumentativeness with regard to the article, which he has latched onto with a fierceness seldom seen on Wikipedia.
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