amoks meaning in Hindi

amoks sentence in Hindi
• आवेश में
• उन्मत्तता से
• आपे से बाहर
• पागल होना
• अंधाधुंध
• पगलाकर
• उन्मत्त
• घातोन्माद में
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  1. "LSO's are specialization run amok ."
  2. More than just bad business, this was stupidity run amok.
  3. "Everybody was running amok, " she added.
  4. But then zoo officials discovered that bear mania had run amok.
  5. Critics say this burgeoning industry has run amok and needs regulation.
  6. Our endless emphasis on rights over responsibilities is niceness run amok.
  7. The run-amok Dallas Cowboys are America's team.
  8. Was this one graduate student whose synapses had simply run amok?
  9. For Rube Goldberg amok, nothing can beat the computer business.
  10. No, this is not a case of scientists run amok.
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