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• अमीबाणु
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  1. From this basic research, a reagent, Limulus amoebocyte lysate ( LAL ), was developed that can detect minute amounts of bacterial toxins.
  2. Amoebocyte extract from horseshoe crab blood is mixed with a sample suspected of endotoxin contamination, and a reaction is observed if endotoxins are present.
  3. The differences in these variations refer to the characteristics of the amoebocyte / endtoxin reaction ( e . g . gel-clot produces a precipitate and colorimetric changes color ).
  4. In addition, horseshoe crabs are prized for their blue blood, as it is widely used in " Limulus " amoebocyte lysate ( LAL ) that can be used to detect pathogens and their endotoxins.

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