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उड्डयन अस्वस्थ
हवाई सफर से बीमार
उड्डयन अस्वस्थ
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  1. Pardon me, are you going to need that airsick bag?
  2. Also, trainee pilots get airsick : it says so here.
  3. Oddly, he didn't become airsick in combat.
  4. They carry airsick bags on board, for obvious reasons.
  5. _A picture of the world's largest collection of airsick bags.
  6. "But I would get very airsick, " he said.
  7. In the plane to England, Edith becomes airsick.
  8. And then the river was going away fast, and I was feeling airsick.
  9. The children were cold and airsick but excited.
  10. Are you reaching for your airsick bag?
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  1. experiencing motion sickness
    synonyms:, ,

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