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  1. Then there's the Mutt, the addlebrained ex-con to whom Randy turns to settle a few scores.
  2. Adam Sandler plays Satan's addlebrained son in " Little Nicky, " a comedy that pits him against his devilish older brothers.
  3. But for the most part, this is all a rather ham-handed attempt to prop up a story concept that was addlebrained to begin with.
  4. Meanwhile, Ruth thinks of her baking as a hobby, one that irritates her family, which includes her teenage daughter and her slightly addlebrained mother.
  5. The dumbest and horniest is Jim ( Jason Biggs ), a compulsive onanist who resembles a younger, more addlebrained Adam Sandler with a roll of baby fat.
  6. By day Jimmy works in the stockroom of Tops Grocery, where he horses around with his best friend, Ray ( Ethan Hawke ), a sniveling, addlebrained pothead who coasts through life in a mild stupor.
  7. Most of the humor comes at the expense of longtime Levittown residents, who are made to look like a bunch of aging, addlebrained eccentrics happily rotting in a suburb where, the movie implies, the cookie-cutter architecture corresponds to the residents'narrow minds.
  8. His wife Sandra, holding an affidavit saying she " might have " mistakenly cast her vote for Buchanan instead of Gore, was worried that the whole thing would end badly, and that she and her fellow seniors would be " written off as addlebrained old people who don't know what we're doing ."


  1. stupid and confused; "blathering like the addlepated nincompoop that you are"; "a confused puddingheaded, muddleheaded fellow"- Isaac Sterne
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