adaptive control system meaning in Hindi

adaptive control system sentence in Hindi

अनुकूली नियंत्रण तंत्र
adaptive:    अनुकूलनीय अनुकूली
adaptive control:    अनुकूलन नियंत्रण
control:    संचालन जाँच करना
control system:    नियंत्रण तंत्र
system:    सिस्टम क्रम डौल
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  1. This was known as the TRAC System, or Traffic Responsive Adaptive Control System.
  2. The MH-96 adaptive control system then caused the airplane to break up during reentry.
  3. The lighting system adjusts the lighting level based upon ambient light and weather conditions outside with an adaptive control system.
  4. An impulse noise filter can be used to enhance the quality of noisy signals, in order to achieve robustness in pattern recognition and adaptive control systems.
  5. even though i could get lot of information about control system but the subjects which are in continution to it like Discrete Control System, Optimal control system, Adaptive Control System, Computer Adied Designe Of Control System, i am unable to get information about these subjects . can you suggest me how to get the notes of these subjects.

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