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अनुकूलन नियंत्रण
अनुकूली नियत्रण
एडेप्टिव कंट्रोल
adaptive:    अनुकूलनीय अनुकूली
control:    संचालन जाँच करना
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  1. This was known as the TRAC System, or Traffic Responsive Adaptive Control System.
  2. Hence, there are several ways to apply adaptive control algorithms.
  3. The MH-96 adaptive control system then caused the airplane to break up during reentry.
  4. He contributed to manipulators dynamics in adaptive and non-adaptive control for contact and non-contact tasks.
  5. Zhang s current research interests are system identification, adaptive control, stochastic systems, and multi-agent systems.
  6. The memory-prediction framework provides a unified basis for thinking about the adaptive control of complex behavior.
  7. Both engines use knock sensors and adaptive controls to allow a range of available fuel use.
  8. Self-tuning systems typically exhibit non-linear adaptive control.
  9. The lighting system adjusts the lighting level based upon ambient light and weather conditions outside with an adaptive control system.
  10. Schuster holds over 50 U . S . patents in fields ranging from adaptive control over video compression to Internet telephony.
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