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  1. He died in August 1931 of a bacterial infection, actinomycosis.
  2. Pelvic actinomycosis is a rare but proven complication of use of intrauterine devices.
  3. Abdominal disease is another manifestation of actinomycosis.
  4. The cause of death was actinomycosis, a bacterial infection that attacked the internal organs.
  5. Doctors said the swelling was the result of an exceedingly rare bacterial infection known as actinomycosis.
  6. Treatment of pelvic actinomycosis associated with intrauterine devices involves removal of the device and antibiotic treatment.
  7. In all these species, actinomycosis results in cold abscess, with granulomatous formations on the fistulised place.
  8. In 1890 Bostroem reportedly isolated the causative organism of actinomycosis from a culture of grain, grasses, and soil.
  9. After Bostroem's discovery there was a general misconception that actinomycosis was a mycosis that affected individuals who chewed grass or straw.
  10. Doctors diagnosed the condition as a case of a bacterial infection known as actinomycosis, a common oral bacillus that rarely attacks the tongue.
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  1. disease of cattle that can be transmitted to humans; results from infection with actinomycetes; characterized by hard swellings that exude pus through long sinuses

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