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कार्य अभिप्रेरण
work:    ग्रंथ अनुशीलन
motivation:    अभिप्रेरणा
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  1. The most important contribution is Solomon's findings on work motivation and withdrawal.
  2. PAs can also be used to aid in work motivation through the use of reward systems.
  3. The work motivation model includes 5 elements of individual motivators : money, myself, membership of a team, mastery, and mission.
  4. In 1970, Richard Solomon expanded Hurvich's general neurological opponent process model to explain emotion, drug addiction, and work motivation . ( See Opponent-process theory .)
  5. "Nothing has been said by management and we are reading these reports, so morale and work motivation is extremely low, " said one 28-year-old male employee.
  6. A meta-analysis of 1986 found an association of high levels of perceived control with " high levels of job satisfaction [ & ], intrinsic work motivation ".
  7. A 2010 study found positive relationships between job satisfaction and life satisfaction, happiness at work, positive affect, and the absence of negative affect which may also be interrelated with work motivation.
  8. It is important for organizations to understand and to structure the work environment to encourage productive behaviors and discourage those that are unproductive given work motivation's role in influencing workplace behavior and performance.
  9. Findings from the Deci et al . ( 1989 ) study have supported self-determination theory as an approach to work motivation by showing how managers can impact the work attitudes of their employees.
  10. Adopted from earlier work the personal and work outcomes of the initial theory were : " Internal Work Motivation ", " Job Satisfaction ", " Absenteeism and Turnover ", and " Performance Quality ".
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