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• बड़ा यात्री विमान
wide-body:    बड़ा यात्री विमान
aircraft:    विमान या वायुयान
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  1. Proposal to ban chapter 2 wide - bodied aircraft operating to and from hong kong
  2. Wide - body aircraft
  3. Our fleet of all wide - body aircraft is one of the youngest and most modern in the skies
  4. Our fleet of 103 all - wide - body aircraft is one of the youngest and most modern in the skies
  5. Compared with 1997 , a decrease of 1 . 1 per cent in aircraft movements was recorded in 1998 , bringing the annual total to 163 297 , of which wide - bodied aircraft formed 81 per cent
  6. Many asian low - cost airlines are opting not only for wide - bodied aircraft but also for a two - class model to lure business customers away from established carriers
  7. " internationally , the successful launch of the new wide - bodied aircraft airbus a380 and the introduction of more system elements of the satellite - based communications , navigations and surveillanceair traffic management ( cnsatm ) systems represents the great achievements that have been made in the air transport industry
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  1. a commercial airliner with two aisles
    synonyms:widebody aircraft, wide-body, twin-aisle airplane

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