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• पूरा खुला
• विधिहीन
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  1. That dumb confession of hilma's wide-open eyes had been enough for him .
  2. Hilma stood bathed from head to foot in the torrent of sunlight that poured in upon her from the three wide-open windows .
  3. We all liked mustang, and as the ad agency said: "it had the excitement of wide-open spaces and was american as all hell. "
  4. Sylphs are beings of wide - open spaces and the air
  5. Anatole stood upright , with wide - open eyes
  6. There is a place with wide - open spaces ,
  7. There is a place with wide - open spaces ,
  8. The astros in a position now to break this game wide - open
  9. He hesitates at times when he has a good , wide - open shot
  10. Their wide - open style resembles that of 3 - gl programming languages
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  1. lax in enforcing laws; "a wide-open town"
  2. open wide; "left the doors wide-open"

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