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  1. On cooling, these crystallised and solidified to form the Great Whin Sill.
  2. It is a disused quarry, from which Whin Sill stone was formerly excavated.
  3. Whin Sill is also seen again at Hadrian's Wall.
  4. It plays host to the intrusive Whin Sill.
  5. After the end of the Carboniferous period, an intrusion of quartz dolerite formed the Whin Sill.
  6. The quartz-microgabbro of the Whin Sill occupies the higher ground on this southeastern side of the bay.
  7. The site exposes sections of low vertical crag, as well as dip-slope slabs of the Whin Sill
  8. The crags are an outcropping of the Whin Sill, an igneous rock, dolerite, associated with magma flows from ancient volcanos.
  9. The Little Whin Sill is olivine-bearing and believed to be composed of an early differentiate of the Whin dolerite magma.
  10. Studies of the petrology of the dolerites of the Whin Sill complex have revealed significant differences between the Little Whin and the Great Whin.

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