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• भारोत्तोलन
• भार उठाना
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  1. This is a game that has never been big on weightlifting.
  2. Besides training on the water, practice involves weightlifting and running.
  3. Also : boxing, water polo quarterfinals, cycling, weightlifting.
  4. Olympic super-heavyweight weightlifting is the most elemental of sports.
  5. His is one of the less glamorous Olympic sports, weightlifting.
  6. The makeshift interview room normally houses the Giants'weightlifting equipment.
  7. Instead, he rehabilitated the neck during the summer with weightlifting.
  8. Brown monitors the nutrition, and everyone must participate in weightlifting.
  9. He is driven by a bodyguard to a club for weightlifting.
  10. I went on a rigorous cardio program with very little weightlifting.
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