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• भारोत्तोलक
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  1. John Davis became the first weightlifter to win two gold medals.
  2. It's like watching a weightlifter pick up the dumbbells.
  3. In January, two Chinese weightlifters also tested positive for DHT.
  4. Hezekiel Sepeng made history and an Iraqi weightlifter made his escape.
  5. Two Welsh weightlifters tested positive in Aukland and were sent home.
  6. Besides, Shepherd, a bulky weightlifter, is the boss.
  7. American weightlifter Cheryl Haworth triumphed by taking on a new challenge.
  8. Weightlifters, meanwhile, have made world records an everyday occurrence.
  9. Its best performance came from weightlifter Kathy Win who stood fourth.
  10. There, they seized six wrestlers and weightlifters, including Romano.
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  1. an athlete who lifts barbells

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