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  1. Specific information on the vegetative reproduction of nutmeg hickory is not available.
  2. Vegetative reproduction is another way to keep true to variety, Buck said.
  3. The hybrid is sterile, persisting only by vegetative reproduction and not producing seeds.
  4. A rhizomatous and stoloniferous species, it spreads easily via vegetative reproduction.
  5. It relies strongly on vegetative reproduction for continuation of the species.
  6. The roots give rise to rhizomes that allow rapid colonization by vegetative reproduction.
  7. Vegetative reproduction of the plants occurs rapidly via root suckers.
  8. "' Vegetative reproduction "'- Stumps less than and severed roots of water hickory readily sprout.
  9. Vegetative reproduction frequently results when fallen branches sprout or basal shoots develop into new trees.
  10. Such production of embryos from somatic issues is asexual vegetative reproduction that amounts to cloning.

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