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  1. Subsequently, neo-Reichian therapists have adopted the body work of vegetotherapy in various forms into their therapeutic practices.
  2. Vegetotherapy relies on a theory of stored emotions, or stress ( particularly in the circular muscles ), and low libido.
  3. Reich continued to use the concept as an indicator of a person's health in his later therapeutic methods, such as vegetotherapy.
  4. To achieve this objective, Reich further developed the psychoanalytic technique : first analysis of resistance, then character analysis, finally, to Vegetotherapy.
  5. After his claim to have thus discovered " orgone " or life energy, vegetotherapy was accordingly adapted and succeeded by " psychiatric orgone therapy ".
  6. Kraus'theory on bio-electrics is considered to be a forerunner to psychologist Wilhelm Reich's work with biophysics and body psychotherapy ( vegetotherapy ).
  7. The sexual allegations apart, several people discussed how the vegetotherapy had hurt them physically as children, as therapists pressed hard on the body to loosen muscular armour.
  8. He developed a therapeutic approach he called vegetotherapy that was aimed at opening and releasing this body armor so that free instinctive reflexes which he considered a token of psychic well-being could take over.
  9. In October 1934 Reich and Lindenberg moved to Oslo, Norway, where Harald K . Schjelderup, professor of psychology at the University of Oslo, had invited Reich to lecture on character analysis and vegetotherapy.
  10. Apart from the emphasis on gentle unloading through massage she also worked with Wilhelm Reich's vegetotherapy as well as the theories of Jung and Freud, and she continued to develop these into her own method.

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