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वान आलेन पट्टियां
van:    डिब्बा मालगाड़ी
allen:    ऐलन
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  1. A third Van Allen Belt has been discovered by NASA probes.
  2. This is because this temple comes under the Van Allen Belt.
  3. Hewitt whimsically states that Van Allen belts were named after space scientist James Belts.
  4. They were discovered in a part of the Van Allen belt closest to Earth.
  5. In Earth orbit, the Van Allen belts make living above the Earth's atmosphere difficult.
  6. Both sub-orbital flights were successful, and measured radiation levels in the Van Allen belts.
  7. This orbit takes it beyond the geostationary satellites and beyond the outer Van Allen belt.
  8. Periodic surges of radiation can cause abrupt swelling of the Van Allen belts, scientists said.
  9. The Van Allen Belt's The Limit, It Seems
  10. It also pumped enough radiation into the Van Allen belts to destroy or seriously degrade seven orbiting satellites.
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