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रक्तचूषकों के अस्तित्व में विश्वास
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  1. Since kyawls are not carnivores, the attack looks like vampirism.
  2. Meanwhile, Chris's vampirism grows at a steady rate.
  3. Soon vampirism became as rule-bound as any orthodoxy.
  4. However, Type Threes cannot pass along vampirism to those they bite.
  5. Julia began treating Barnabas'vampirism with her medical knowledge once more.
  6. In her last mission, she was sent to investigate vampirism in France.
  7. Brewster has noticed that Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards and Lazlo suspects vampirism.
  8. He realizes that he must be suffering from vampirism.
  9. :We have a stub on the Szeged witch trials which mentions vampirism.
  10. Why does she hide her vampirism from the reader for half the book?
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  1. the actions or practices of a vampire
  2. belief in the existence of vampires

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