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खान मलवा
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  1. She wooed the crowd, vamping with saucy winks and waves.
  2. The vamping style used by these piano backers has largely remained.
  3. By comparison, Ms . Roberts and Donaldson seemed to be vamping.
  4. Please, pretty please, Pierrot, give us more campy vamping.
  5. Now he is vamping like a champ for ESPN.
  6. There were vamping models; there was lame chiffon.
  7. It includes violence, profanity and witchy vamping.
  8. Move it ! " she urged the models expertly vamping and weaving around tables.
  9. It's an episodic mix of villainous vamping, outlandish schemes and disembodied action.
  10. The film is played as witchy, all-star vamping with a lethal sting.
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