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  1. One of the top priorities is upstreaming most new and modified code to Chromium and WebKit to resolve the fork.
  2. When the lower chamber is almost empty, bubbles of steam mix with the upstreaming water, producing a characteristic gurgling noise.
  3. Called " upstreaming, " it moves from the obvious _ what can be learned from the living _ to historical accounts.
  4. This process, of moving from low-end customers to more expensive and more profitable customers, is known as upstreaming, and is an integral part of the theory of disruptive innovation.
  5. The " upstreaming " of a portion of profit from the marketing of finished goods back to the original producer of raw materials, for example, a farmer in fair trade agricultural practice, is a common feature.
  6. The decision was taken to restructure the business at the beginning of the 2006 financial year, into an " incubator " for developing writer-artists with the intention of " upstreaming " them to a major label.
  7. XLAB contributes to the open source community by upstreaming parts of code, developed within the projects, e . g . contributions to Cloudify, providing open source libraries based on OASIS TOSCA for orchestrating and deploying big data technologies, within DICE project, integrations and application deployments in OSv and OpenStack within MIKELANGELO, support and contributions to cloud orchestration software ManageIQ with 25 merged pull requests, enhancements of the data collection service  Celiometer etc.
  8. However, there are other LSM modules maintained outside of the mainstream kernel tree ( AppArmor, Linux Intrusion Detection System, FireFlier, CIPSO, Multi ADM, etc . ), so this argument led to two results : 1 . that developers of these modules started putting effort into upstreaming their respective modules, and 2 . at the 2006 Kernel Summit, Linus once again asserted that LSM would stay because he does not want to arbitrate which is the best security model.
  9. Construction of Asycuda + + is practically complete, and in its most crucial stage, that of upstreaming . Hence this article . To implement it successfully, the link-up with the private sector must be seemless . The creation of awareness may not be difficult, as Customs have the means to effectively circulate memoranda . But participation by businesses may not be simple . First, they must learn to trust a system that is invisible to the eye and functional only due to light-emitting diodes . They must be keen and willing to become computer and telecom literate, as eCom and eGov involve learning totally new sets of protocols separate from traditional manual systems . To many, the word " protocol " sounds alien already.
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