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  1. American troops sank them to stop British warships from moving upriver.
  2. Shoot downriver in the morning and upriver in the late afternoon,
  3. Two weirs in Wetzlar are an obstruction to shipping further upriver.
  4. Mr . Haddy takes Allie and his family upriver to Jeronimo.
  5. Six more large guns occupied pits just upriver from the fort.
  6. A few blocks upriver is the Cheboygan River Front Range Light.
  7. The river is now controlled by the �lvaro Obreg�n Dam upriver.
  8. The British sent boats 15 miles upriver before capturing their prey.
  9. In 1927 Glines Canyon Dam was built upriver of Elwha Dam.
  10. The steamer ran upriver to the south end of Windermere Lake.


  1. toward the source or against the current
  2. toward the source or against the current

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