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  1. Since torque and acceleration are closely related, they have very uniform acceleration at all speeds.
  2. A frequently cited example of uniform acceleration is that of an object in free fall in a uniform gravitational field.
  3. :: To better illustrate this, consider the object as undergoing a uniform acceleration ( down is positive ).
  4. Hsu and Hsu claim that they have finally come up with suitable transformations for constant linear acceleration ( uniform acceleration ).
  5. If the elevator has a uniform acceleration then it is travelling that fast 51 seconds after it leaves one side of the Earth.
  6. The equivalence principle states that a reference frame in a uniform gravitational field is indistinguishable from a reference frame that is under uniform acceleration.
  7. Nearly simultaneously with Einstein, also Minkowski ( 1908 ) considered the special case of uniform accelerations within the framework of his space-time formalism.
  8. :: : : : : Your first point depends on the assumption of uniform acceleration ( and even then your numerical examples are wrong ).
  9. Einstein's equivalence principle states that within sufficiently small regions of space-time, it is impossible to distinguish between a uniform acceleration and a uniform gravitational field.
  10. Throughout the 20th century efforts were made in order to generalize the Lorentz transformations to a set of transformations linking inertial frames to non-inertial frames with uniform acceleration.
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