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  1. The implied improvisational composition of the picture, its deceptively meticulous underlying form.
  2. The data is contained in the underlying forms that comprise the join.
  3. Quintero took long vowels to be the underlying form in such situations.
  4. The painted coating on a piece of glass seaweed is peeling away from the underlying form.
  5. The technique sends infrared light through the surface of a work to pick up underlying forms.
  6. People with OCPD often tend to general pessimism and / or underlying form ( s ) of depression.
  7. Moreover, they may have exceptions, do not apply across word boundaries and can only apply to underlying forms.
  8. However, if there is no vowel that is [ + ATR ], the vowels appear in their underlying form.
  9. It doesn't make the underlying forms perfect homophones . talk ) 21 : 57, 29 September 2013 ( UTC)
  10. Chomsky's argument suggests that a simple dative like " John sent a letter to Mary " derives from an underlying form.

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