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  1. 2 to 2 { pounds veal roast, top round, trussed
  2. It is trussed by intersecting fretwork and a wooden cutwork sunburst.
  3. Kahn then formed his own company called Trussed Concrete Steel Company.
  4. These are spanned by interlacing steel cables creating a graceful trussed ceiling.
  5. Two French soldiers nearly dropped a trussed prisoner into a sunken bunker.
  6. Wolverage just left Bucky in the streets, trussed up.
  7. This said, Siargao Island is not a trussed up tourist spot.
  8. On Wednesday, it was trussed up by workers.
  9. He's not to be trusted; he must be trussed up.
  10. It costs $ 40 a bottle and comes with the trussed leather label.
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