trudges meaning in Hindi

trudges sentence in Hindi
• थकाऊ भ्रमण
• पांव घसीटना
• पैर घसीट कर चलना
• पैदल चलना
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  1. Now it's just trudge on, get it done.
  2. Unity prevails as the Rockettes trudge around in small marching steps.
  3. Even under white-out conditions, the theater trudges on:
  4. We have been trudging around different race sites there since 1988,
  5. It is this curtain that we began trudging through and over.
  6. Dazed, flustered, I trudged numbly back to my place.
  7. Unfortunately, it was the Patriot defense trudging in the muck.
  8. He then trudges into a chilly night to collect building material.
  9. Pete just trudged and moped until they handed him the hardware.
  10. I crawled out of bed and trudged down to the kitchen.
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