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  1. Although Goldman truculently refused to leave, he was without allies.
  2. "What's the point of being inside and endlessly, truculently making trouble?
  3. So is the simple fact that remains after the two principals'latest, seemingly unbridgeable differences were so truculently restated.
  4. At Radio City, entire families showed up to pay tribute, and young women hollered as their boyfriends looked on truculently.
  5. The friendship began truculently, with Bonds declining to autograph some items for Sheffield and Andre Dawson, then with the Marlins.
  6. And, moving a step beyond his Treasury colleague, he has truculently challenged analysts to find smoke or mirrors in his proposed program.
  7. Their endlessly fractious democracy expresses itself truculently and poorly, lately unable to get itself to a peace conference and making the PLO look conciliatory.
  8. At the other end of the bridge, a crowd of Serbs mills truculently, glaring at the Albanians and arguing with other French troops.
  9. That inclusive philosophy was also fervently believed in by our Jefferson-influenced founders who were almost truculently anti-establishment if not anti-clerical.
  10. What's interesting about a figure like Ty Cobb is how truculently he contradicts the peculiarly American belief that victory and virtue go hand in hand.
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