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  1. The 4003 oligonucleotides were introduced into the tumour cells by transfection.
  2. To create knockout moss, transfection of protoplasts is the preferred method.
  3. Several drug discovery and library screening can entail reverse transfection or chemogenomics.
  4. Another practical application of the compound is its use in gene transfection.
  5. Transfection involves the insertion of DNA into a eukaryotic cell.
  6. Software features include time-lapse, cell counting and transfection analysis.
  7. In recent years the benchmark for transfection agents has been cationic lipids.
  8. The process of introducing foreign DNA into eukaryotic cells is known as transfection.
  9. Transfection with mutant p53 was not shown to strongly repress the survivin promoter.
  10. How does cotransfecting a cell line with two plasmids yeild a stable transfection?

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