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  1. Their input is an EDIFACT transaction file, their output an XML / EDIFACT instance file.
  2. Today they are still used to place files, usually database files or transaction files, on one or more disk volumes.
  3. Under the first, communications involving business transactions would require trading partners to maintain Internet file servers and Internet addresses to exchange sensitive transaction files.
  4. The heart of the database and transaction system is Integrated Recovery .  Integrated implies the integration of all data models, the transaction file manager, the transaction scheduler, and the message queues.
  5. New York-based Bear Stearns cleared trades for Baron and some Baron customers who lost money on unauthorized transactions filed complaints with the NASD arguing that Bear should have warned investors of Baron's financial condition.
  6. There is that craw in the Yankee transaction file, since it was the Bronx Bombers who traded hitting bust Ken Phelps for slugger Jay Buhner and have yet to hear the end of it.
  7. Some A . R . Baron customers who lost money on unauthorized transactions filed complaints with the National Association of Securities Dealers arguing that Bear Stearns should have warned investors of A . R . Baron's financial condition.
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  1. (computer science) a computer file containing relatively transient data about a particular data processing task

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