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  1. In 2005, DebtX began offering analytics services based on actual transaction data.
  2. That December, Kabbage began leveraging Square transaction data to underwrite funding.
  3. This data is then supplemented with transaction data  reports of customer activity.
  4. The technology also supports the writing of transaction data updates back to the source systems.
  5. Privacy is achieved by not identifying owners of bitcoin addresses while making other transaction data public.
  6. Credit card issuers and retail banks use customer transaction data to improve targeting of cross-sell offers.
  7. The goals relate to improving the financial performance by eliminating mistakes in the processing of transaction data.
  8. The processing of transaction data in modern telecommunications providers exhibits many attributes akin to a complex system.
  9. Since they are imagined and computer-generated, hypothetical scenarios do not have any transaction data representing terrorism scenarios.
  10. In 2007, FreedomPay developed a gateway for credit card processing ( FreeWay ) that captures detailed transaction data.
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