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  1. This can also prevent the timber hitch from rolling.
  2. The timber hitch is a very old knot.
  3. The "'timber hitch "'is a knot used to attach a single length of rope to a cylindrical object.
  4. There are even photos of binding knots like the timber hitch and gastropods such as the great pond snail.
  5. In this instance, the half hitch combined with a timber hitch is known as a killick hitch or kelleg hitch.
  6. When the tide was right, the columns were rolled off the barge using its huge derrick, a timber hitch and an inclined plane.
  7. The string may be secured to the bow by a knot at each end, usually a timber hitch, also known as the bowyer's knot.
  8. Halyard bend may be considered to be the " double-loop-around, and single-tuck-under " version of timber hitch which itself is usually tied as " single-loop-around, and double-tuck-under ".
  9. A timber hitch of six figure-of-eight turns and a finishing clove hitch lash the crutch but not too tight because the cheeks need some room to spread their heels.
  10. One instance where a half hitch stands on its own without additional embellishment is when added to a timber hitch to help stabilize a load in the direction of pull.


  1. a hitch used to secure a rope to a log or spar; often supplemented by a half hitch

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