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सजावटी पिन
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  1. Prefects are recognized in their different uniforms of the RJC blouse, skirt and prefect badge, together with the tiepin.
  2. His solution is as bold as his pistol-shaped tiepin : mobilize an enormous posse, arrest more criminals, and fling them in the nastiest jail you can find.
  3. Subsequently, on 11 July 1931 Green, Horigan and Cameron were charged with " robbery under arms ", being accused of having assaulted Devine, whilst armed with a revolver, and robbing him of a diamond tiepin valued at ?0.
  4. Still, he has managed to amass a respectable wardrobe, and he won first place on a recent night wearing a no-name charcoal-gray suit with purple shirt, gray and purple tie ( with matching socks ) and sparkling tiepin.


  1. a pin used to hold the tie in place

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