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  1. The selenide vein included similar minerals tiemannite HgSe, naumannite, clausthalite, umangite, klockmannite, chrisstanleyite, and jagueite.
  2. The nearby Socrates Mine, about 5 mile west of Mercuryville, produced mercury bearing ores including : cinnabar, montroydire, edgarbaileyite, magnesite, and tiemannite.
  3. This allowed determination of crystallization for the selenide assemblage : chrisstanleyite and jagueite ?! ( clausthalite ) ?! naumannite and tiemannite ?! umangite and klockmannite ?
  4. Associated minerals include pyrite, linnaeite, clausthalite, selenian vaesite, molybdenite and dolomite in the Shinkolobwe region of the Congo ); and with tiemannite, clausthalite, eucairite, umangite, klockmannite in the Santa Brigida mine, Argentina.
  5. It tends to be found in assemblages of other selenides : jagueite, naumannite, fischesserite, oosterboschite, and tiemannite, and it is a solid solution mineral with jagueite Cu 2 Pd 3 Se 4 in which it shares a unique crystal structure that has not been identified elsewhere ( Paar et al . 1998; Nickel 2002; Paar et al . 2004 ).

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