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  1. The tied arch design eliminates thrust at the abutments and piers.
  2. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation designed the channel span ( tied arch ).
  3. The bridge is a tied arch.
  4. The bridge was replaced by a new structure, a Modified Network Tied Arch concept design.
  5. After the hangers were located, the shoring was removed; loading the steel tied arch bridge.
  6. The bridge carries tied arch, the total length of the bridge is with a main span of.
  7. The bridge, a tied arch bridge, provides the first single-span bridge heading up the Thames.
  8. Preston Pipe Bridge is a span concrete tied arch bridge with concrete abutments and supplies water to southern Teesside.
  9. The "'Zubizuri "'( tied arch footbridge across the Nervion River in Bilbao, Spain.
  10. The continuous-tied arch design, which was a distant third place in polls, was chosen for two reasons.

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