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• निक्षेप संस्थान
thrift:    अल्पव्यय कमखर्ची
institution:    कानून प्रतिष्ठापन
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  1. The OTS charters, regulates and supervises the nation's savings and loan thrift institutions.
  2. But surviving thrift institutions say the S & L debacle wasn't their fault, either.
  3. But surviving thrift institutions say the S & AMP; L debacle wasn't their fault, either.
  4. For example, thrift institutions now can serve small businesses.
  5. Japanese law allows the government to spend budget money only to bail out thrift institutions.
  6. The nation's savings and loans and thrift institutions find themselves in just about the same situation.
  7. A similar insurance fund covering deposits at thrift institutions, however, will be charging the same old premiums.
  8. The failure of one or two large thrift institutions could exhaust these reserves and leave the fund insolvent,
  9. The resulting damage to those responding to the incentives blindsided thrift institutions with mounting exposure to bad loans.
  10. Apple now ranked 17th among the New York metropolitan area's thrift institutions, with assets of $ 2.7 billion.
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  1. a depository financial institution intended to encourage personal savings and home buying

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