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  1. The main factors influenced fractures development are the tectogenesis , the physical weathering and the chemical dissolution
  2. Huge deep fractures in the east of china have a little influence on the pore of carbonatite reservoir of ? - o stratum in the regions of zhuangxi and chengdao . the karstification which probably happened at xishan tectogenesis period is also very limited
  3. The mainly reservoirs in the middle of damintun depression of liaohe basin are the regional metamorphic rocks and the migmatites , which are more fractured and rigid by the cataclastics . the space of metamorphite is the mainly fractures , which are produced by the tectogenesis and the physical weathering
  4. This is the direct reason of bad reservoir property of sandstone , especially lower permeability . the influence and control factors of reservoirs include : deposition , diagenesis and tectogenesis . the deposition is the basic factor , it control the shape and distribution of sand body , and influence the type and the intensity of the diagenesis ; the diagenesis is the key factor , it control the process of pore evolvement , so the diagenesis control the sandstone ' s storage space and reservoir quality directly ; the fracture of the tectogenesis formation could improve the porosity and permeability of sandstone

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