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teamsters sentence in Hindi
• हांकनेवाला
• घोड़े या बैल की जोड़ी हांकने वाला
• जोडी हाँकने वाला
• ट्रक ड्राइवर
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  1. The newspapers wrote about the Teamsters and less about the ethanol.
  2. Attempts Wednesday to speak to representatives of the teamsters were unavailing.
  3. The teamsters'Drive Political Fund contributed $ 25, 000.
  4. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters reportedly indicated it might join Calpers.
  5. Plus the teamsters who haul the cars from port to showroom.
  6. No talks between the negotiating group and the Teamsters are scheduled.
  7. Teamster members will now vote by mail on the proposed agreement.
  8. Delivery is now controlled largely by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
  9. "I don't know where the teamsters stand.
  10. By highlighting individuals, the teamsters have gone a step further.
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