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  1. Tawse declined to say what offer from the NZRFU would satisfy Lomu.
  2. Scottish schoolmasters gained a reputation for strictness and frequent use of the tawse.
  3. Against them was the Responsible Government Association, founded in 1917 by Ethel Tawse Jollie.
  4. His management spokesman Debbie Tawse said she not happy with continued speculation about Lomu's future.
  5. He adopted progressive techniques at this school, and abandoned the tawse for other forms of establishing discipline.
  6. A tawse consists of a strip of leather, with one end split into a number of tails.
  7. The tawse was also used for judicial corporal punishment in Scotland as an alternative to the more usual birch.
  8. Americans don't spend enough time and money on food, according to Sylvia Tawse, an organic farmer.
  9. Debbie Tawse said she had been " frustrated " by negotiations with the New Zealand Rugby Football Union.
  10. In 2016 Cuddy is collaborating with Tawse Winery in Niagara to launch a new wine brand, Cuddy by Tawse.
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  1. a leather strap for punishing children

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