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tawnies sentence in Hindi
पीलापन लिये भूरा
पीला भूरा
पीला सांवला
पीले रंग का
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  1. _Noislette Tawny and Escapade Desert Rose, both by Chanel.
  2. Good port is not unobtainable, because there is always tawny.
  3. Keep in mind that tawny ports can differ widely in style.
  4. Color : A tawny gold with just a hint of orange.
  5. "Brown Sugar " and " Tawny"
  6. Barn owls are white with buff, yellow and tawny shadings.
  7. Graham's 20-year old Tawny, $ 50.
  8. Chapman later said, " Tawny coerced me into marrying her.
  9. They suggested cold wind caused the tawny colour of the Eskimos.
  10. Juveniles are paler, with a tawny rump and buffy wingbars.
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