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  1. Give the tap wrench a full clockwise turn then check the alignment again.
  2. Insert the tap in a tap wrench and tighten the chuck.
  3. This style tap wrench is useful in confined spaces or where extra reach is required.
  4. For this you need a tap the size of the fastener, and a tap wrench.
  5. The extractor is then inserted into this hole and turned counter-clockwise using a tap wrench.
  6. The opposite end of the tap is squared so it can fit into a tap wrench.
  7. Numerous sizes of tap wrenches are required to cover the available size range of tool heads.
  8. Hold the tap wrench vertically as you cut the threads and back it out frequently to remove plastic chips.
  9. This type of tap wrench is used with larger taps and where there is room to turn a larger wrench.
  10. North Bros . tool brand was called Yankee, much like how Sears tools are branded ratcheting tap wrenches, vises, cutting tools and small tool kits.


  1. a wrench for turning a tap to create an internal screw thread

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