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[ 'swi:tniŋ ] sound:
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  1. Such has been the historic pattern whenever democracies negotiate with totalitarian enemies to close down their conflicts, starting with the British-French attempts to appease Nazi Germany in the 1930s, then the American-Soviet détente in the ‘70s, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in the ‘90s and South Korea's sunshine policy with North Korea since 1998. In each case, the delusion that sweetening the pot would bring about the desired results persisted until it was dashed by a major outbreak of violence (the German invasion of Poland, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the second Intifada).
    इसका आरम्भ 1930 में नाजी जर्मनी का तुष्टीकरण करने का ब्रिटिश-फ्रेन्च प्रयास, 1970 में अमेरिका सोवियत प्रयास, 1990 में इजरायल-फिलीस्तीन शान्ति प्रक्रिया और 1990 में उत्तरी कोरिया के साथ दक्षिण केरिया की सूर्योदय नीति। इन सभी मामलों में जब तक बड़ी आतंकी घटना नहीं हुई तब तक समझौते के पालन की दिशा में कदम बढ़ते रहे ( जर्मनी द्वारा पोलैण्ड पर आक्रमण अफगानिस्तान पर सोवियत आक्रमण और दूसरा इन्तिफादा )


  1. the act of adding a sweetener to food
  2. an improvement that makes something more agreeable
  3. something added to foods to make them taste sweeter

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